Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Different clothing brands are sprouting everywhere. It means more style choices, better designs, more quality competition. Making a splash in the retail scene is CHEMISTRY, a trendy, fashionable "lab" for the young and feeling young who love to mix and match clothes - which, generally, is the basic principle in any Chemistry subject we learned in school.

This new RTW brand is an advocate of gender-defying pieces, as it offers clothes that can be worn by both sexes. Unisex fashion in short. There are jackets and knit cardigans that boys and girls can use interchangeably. Also available are striped shirts, checkered polos, printed blouses and cute accessories. CHEMISTRY also pushes the idea of boyfriend-girlfriend shopping, wherein couples can buy similar outfits (in terms of print, material, color or pattern) and wear them in tandem.

CHEMISTRY is the newest baby in the growing SHAPES family (the brand other is called MIRROR). Congratulations to Boss August Virray and Boss Richard Romero! Fellow bloggers and stylish couple Shai Lagarde and Seph Cham of Love Chic both head the merchandising team.

Check out newly-opened CHEMISTRY outlets in SM City North EDSA Annex Bldg., SM Sta. Rosa, SM Batangas and SM Fairview. Or like their Facebook page (Chemistry), or see their blog (www.chemistry-shop.com) or add them in Twitter (http://twitter.com/chemistryshop).

CHECK MATE. Checkered outfits for matchy-matchy couples.

TOP VIEW. We'll visit one of the stores soon!

WHEN IT CLICKS. Love the camera necklace!

IN EXCESS. Accessories abound as well.

CHEMICAL ROMANCE. Watch out for more Chemistry stores opening soon!

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