Monday, August 15, 2011


After basketball and boxing, the spotlight have turned on other local athletic teams that comprise strong, colossal and muscular men. The use of athletes are becoming the in-thing for fashion & advertising, and have gone to sell like hot commodities. We cheered for and barked along The Azkals in various football games while they score a string of endorsements. We threw our support on The Volcanoes rugby team, even in the event of the removal of their controversial billboards along EDSA. Now comes THE DRAGONS breathing fire while rowing their boats - are they the next batch of hot endorsers for other brands?

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS. The Cobra Philippine Dragon Boat Team (photo from their Facebook account)

Unlike the other pre-mentioned athletic teams, the members of The Cobra Philippine Dragon Boat Team (imagine, Cobra na, Dragon pa!) are true champions as they were valiant in scoring a gold medal in the recent World Championships at Tampa Bay, Florida, USA. The small contingent, who went to the competition with lack of support from the Philippine Sports Commission and the Philippine Olympic Commitee, paddled their way to win the men’s small-boat 1,000 meters in world record fashion, blowing away Australia and Hungary for the title.

And since the champs are home with a recognition that makes any Filipino proud, I can already feel some sectors planning to join the athletic bandwagon for endorsement deals. Since Collezione has two Azkals, Bench has the whole Volcanoes and one Azkal, and F&H with one Azkal, why not other retail brands (like Penshoppe, Regatta, SM Mens Fashion) get the also muscle-clad Dragons, or The Cobras, to heat up the already hot competition?
ROW YOUR BOAT. The Dragons (Or Cobras) in action - aren't they sexy, too? (photo from their Facebook account)

I won't be surprised if the well-endowed Dragons (who are sexy in their own way) also go bold someday in sexy underwear ad campaign, which is the on-going trend right now. However, the Adboard wouldn't allow billboards with skin exposure, so better scratch the idea now or just use the pictures for PR or as in-store collaterals. Better yet, why not shoot them all together like boatmen headed to the sea with ripped jeans and just enough clothes ala-Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2011 with this peg in mind: don't you agree?

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