Monday, August 8, 2011


It makes sense that designers are becoming more resourceful when it comes to their creations. They are turning to their immediate surroundings in search for materials that others often just pass on by, and transform these items into objects of fanciful desire. For one to break in to fashion, one must push his/her artistic limits. In this case, I call it hardcore creativity.

MIGUEL PAOLO CELESTIAL is another young designer to watch out for. I don't know if he is related to Dennis Celestial (another accessory designer), but certainly, both love producing accessories! Miguel recently launched his "HARDWARE" neckpieces via his BOSQUEJO accessory label. For the love of blings, this collection features razor blades, nuts, bolts, bobbins, rings, chains and anything metallic made into edgy, cutthroat necklaces that sparkle when lights reflect on them.

BOSQUEJO is actually a Spanish term for sketch, outline, or draft. Initially, Miguel just wanted to create necklaces for himself, since he was not satisfied with what was available in the market. He wanted to use materials that were not usually worn as accessories, and join different types - such as metal, wood, stone, and plastic - to see how they complemented each other. After making a few necklaces, interest in them convinced Miguel to produce commercially.

Named after Norse and Icelandic mythological characters, these neckpieces belong to the Furies + Dragon Hardware series. Male, female, or any gender in between, these accessories will surely unleash the rockstar in you. Wear them with shimmery tops, then you're the next disco diva. Or subtly use them on simple white tops, just enough bling for you to get noticed. Just be careful with the razor blades, though.

Check out BOSQUEJO at Anthology (2/F Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati) and AC+632 (2/F Greenbelt 5, Makati). Or visit

THE BOSQUEJO HARDWARE 001 LOOKBOOK. Necklaces Arianna (P1,600), Zuzeca (P1,800), Fafnir (P2,300)

STARGAZER. Fafnir (P2,300), Eumenides (P1,800)

BLING ON ME. Alecto (P1,400), Magaera (P1,800)

THE DARK KNIGHT. Metal Urchin (P2,000), Io (P2,200)

WHITE RIGHT. Tetanya (P2,200)

GLITTERATI. Thelxinoe (P2,200), Fraener (P1,400)

HOLY GHOST. Metal Urchin (P2,200)

FESTIVE MOOD. Magaera (P1,800), Tisiphone.II (P1,200), Zuzeca (P1,800), Fraener (P1,400)

CONSERVATIVE APPEAL. Zuzeca (P1,800), Fraener (P1,400)

FULL METAL JACKET. Alecto (P1,400), Jormungandr (P2,600)

TOUCH ME NOT. Laura (P1,200)

CUTTING EDGE. Eumenides (P1,800), Alecto (P1,400)

Photography: Rxandy Capinpin
Styling: Ryuji Shiomitsu
Hair & Makeup: Katchie Mejias
Models: Jessica Chiao-han Yang (Mercator) & Terence Lloyd (Elite Manila)

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