Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Remember the days when Voltez V, Mazinger Z and Daimos ruled the TV airwaves when we were still young, playful and fragile? These Japanese robot toons have become childhood objects of fascination during the martial law era. From old day cartoons to collector item toys, now comes vintage robots (that looked similar to those mentioned above) transformed into fashion-forward necklaces by HERBERT CUSTODIO.

The accessory designer, known for his destroy-and-create aesthetics, fashioned these silver metallic robot toys into subversive yet wearable blings as part of his fall/winter 2011 collection for FIRMA. These necklaces can be worn with street-edgy style and eclectic flambouyance. George and I usually love Herbert's pieces - he would often use materials that are restored and reinterpreted into artistic, trendy pieces that surprise and impress.

LETS VOLT IN! Tri-robot necklace.

TOYS R US. Double-robot necklace.

METAL JUNKIE. Single robot necklace.

Before I end this blog entry, these leather cuffs, though not robotic,  also caught my f*ck!n attention. For all you dirty-minded people out there!

SEX & ROCK N' ROLL! You gotta have these statement cuffs!

HERBERT CUSTODIO's accessories are available at FIRMA boutique in Greenbelt 3, Makati. Or like his Facebook page (Custodio Accessories).

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