Monday, August 22, 2011


It has been several nights already. I think I was severely haunted by this pictorial entry published weeks ago by the United Blogs of Benetton that featured the creative work of stylist Eric Poliquit and photographer Enzo Modejar that centered on an old lady turned mysterious fashion icon called "MANANG".

THE AVANT GUARDIAN. Manang's very stylish arched-back profile shot (left) while donning egg-shaped rosette dress and colored up-do; only to know she's only watering her plant pala on her chunky platforms (right). Kaya mo?

She may have aged, but Manang wouldn't be outdone in terms of what's hot and what's not (she detests to be the latter). Probably, she rose from being forgotten that she transformed herself - not just to be noticed - but also to be revered and adored. Female bloggers, be very scared!

POP-ARRAZI. Would you mind if your lola wear the trends this way and blog about this experimental look?

I am not sure, but I think Manang would want to compare her aging like brewing wine, too, for she believes that taste gets better with age. Whoever Manang is, or whatever she wants to become, wala daw bagasan ng trip please!

DRAGON LADY. Manang proves here that she can be filthy rich, utterly glamorous and a real bitch out to conquer fashion with one big accessory - a muscle-clad boytoy half her age!

To Enzo and Eric, this is a really nice, mind-blowing concept, and I have become Manang's ultimate fan. Speaking of which, Fadal Manila in collaboration with OS Accessories x Enzo Mondejar and Eric Poliquit proudly present DEAR MANANG, I LOVE YOU (a short film). Catch Manang as she transit from still pictures to fashion film as she unveils her fashionable, mystical story on August 25th.

Also see this trailer. Make Up by Nina Dumpa; Music by Lintech; Written by Ehiacinth Miranda; A film by Matthew Valeriano. I hope Manang becomes a well sought-after celebrity and an icon after this. Lavshu Manang!

Or go to this link to see video:

NOTE: Photos from United Blogs of Benetton. Pilipinas


  1. Awwwwww...Thanks for this blog honey! Wasn't expecting our Manang would go this far. I launched her a year ago together with my partner-photographer Enzo Mondejar and up to now, we are just so overwhelmed with all the blog features about her. See y'all on the 25th and discover the love of her life! Another pasabog =)

  2. @eric & enzo: all for manang, siya na ang may pictorial at fashion film, may launch pa!!! pls continue astounding us with your edgy, moving, out-of-the-box visuals! have a blast on your event on the 26th. super tnx to u both! :-)