Thursday, August 4, 2011


I am extremely happy to see a former colleague venture into full scale clothing business. Yes Haley Co-Oranga, I haven't forgotten my promise! Remember the days when we were marketing officers in a retail company, we were so young then (well, we still are) and were trying to break into fashion. Now that we're matured and fully equipped, we are more than ready for a brighter future ahead.

Together with her husband Sherman, Haley owns URBAN EDGE, an affordable yet trendy brand of comfortable clothing that caters to the young male urban dweller. With shirts that promote socio-political awareness, the brand hopes to promote Filipino values and to spread the message of youth empowerment by urging its young patrons to veer away from negative influences. These valiant designs are URBAN EDGE’s take on true Filipino grit, bringing to the wearer a sense of pride and nationalism. In addition, URBAN EDGE, being a proponent of all things Pinoy, proudly declares that all its apparel are 100 percent made in the Philippines.

With a collection that features multi-hued muscle shirts and tees great for outdoor escapades, URBAN EDGE goes beyond the traditional as its lifestyle core is free from passing trends.

Urban Cowboy

The Islander

Yellow Mellow

URBAN EDGE is available in MartOne Discount Stores, Mi Stores, Ever Gotesco Stores, Tiong San La Trinidad, Magic Mall San Jose, Magic Mall Malasiqui, Cash n Carry Dept. Store, and Centro Tuguegarao.

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