Thursday, August 11, 2011

THROW YOUR SUPPORT: Bench vs. Folded&Hung

There is nothing wrong with sexy advertising. And there is definitely nothing wrong with something that looks exciting and enticing, even more inviting, especially in a time when selling goods is like cracking hard nuts.

Weeks back, we lament the removal of BENCH BODY's billboard roster of brief-clad, Olympus-like athletes from The Philippine Volcanoes rugby team in Guadalupe, EDSA. Perhaps the most controversial billboard of the current times, we are seeing how globally-competitive our local ad campaigns have become - only to be scrutinized by malicious, ultra-conservative minds.

Photo from Bench website

My partner Geo would always applaud everytime we pass by the revised version of the Volcanoes ad campaign - without the Volcanoes athletes in them. This ironic visual display shows how brilliantly clever the minds of those behind Bench. A parody of sorts, the angered Bench makes it message very clear this time: THROW YOUR SUPPORT, period. I am sure there's an underlying meaning to this (maybe, let's throw our support against this move by self-proclaimed but ignorant moralists?), and perhaps an attack versus billboard censors who are obvious samples of urban, cultural decay. 

Also gone is BENCH BODY's Aly Borromeo billboard, team captain of The Philippine Azkals.
Photo from Bench website

Joining the bandwagon of using hot, well-endowed sportsmen as brand endorsers is FOLDED&HUNG. With the release of the new pictorial that features Neil Etheridge (obviously out to give sexy competition to teammate Aly), goalkeeper and also from the much-sought Philippine Azkals, wearing only briefs and showing armpits in the air while both legs spread on a couch, too, the trendsetting F&H seems to run out of steam as they look second fiddle to the already controversial Bench.
Photo from Folded&Hung Facebook account

The recent Facebook status of F&H also encourages its patrons to throw their support if they would want to see Neil's billboard up in EDSA. Not to stir controversy since I support and respect both brands, I can already feel the Bench group using Cherie Gil's immortal line "You're nothing but a second-rate.......... !"  You sucha kitty!

Anyways, I salute both brands for being bold. Let's just throw our support - more than those underwear supporters that these athletes wear when out on a competitive game.

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