Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Lately, I am fascinated with any fashionable thing in shocking yellow color - probably because I missed seeing the sun, with all these bagyo coming in and out of the country. I was checking my Facebook account and I saw this awesome tote bag, in bright-as-the-sun yellow, of course, by up and coming young designer, ROLAND RENZE ALZATE.

YELLOW FEVER. Ingebjørg Yellow Tote Bag: Cowskin Treated Leather with leather trimmings and fringes (42xm x 44xm) (16 inches x 18 inches), SRP: 7,995.00

I am excited for good friend Renze, as he preferred to be called, who did the first batch of luxury bags for MYTH (in Greenbelt 5) last year through his supportive and loving partner (and one of my favorite and nicest local designers) NOEL CRISOSTOMO's fashion label. The new bag collection, five were made to raise funds for the launch of his future apparel line.

Well, Renze didn't just start designing bags basta-basta. He has a long history and love affair with luxury bags. When he was working abroad, he'd splurge on Gucci, Balenciaga, Prada etc. "I'm in love with bags. I check the hardwares, everything about it. So designing bags now, medyo comes a bit easy for I think I really know what I'm doing," says Renze. Add to that the fact that Noel Crisostomo has big design influence on his works.

YOUNG BRIGHT THING. Goodlooking young designer Roland Renze Alzate is one to watch out for!

The new bag collection guarantees to be one-of-a-kind stylish pieces. All are made from imported materials. Don't get me wrong, but there are other colors in this collection as well, like black and brown. Although the yellow ones are telling me to buy, buy, buy!

PLAT DU JOUR. Bjørklund Yellow Office Bag: 100% Cowskin Treated Leather with Suede Lining, Leather trimmings and Fringes (42cm x 41cm) (17 inches x 16 inches), SRP: P10,995.00

DARK OBSESSION. Danjä Black Office Bag: 100% Cowskin Leather; Fabric Lining with Key rings; Has a strap (30cm x 41cm) (11 inches x 16 inches), SRP: P8,995.00

SKIN IS IN. Birgittä Black Tote Bag: Faux Snake skin (Italian Fabric) with Leather Handle, Leather Base & Leather Details & Fringes (37xm x 42cm) (14 inches x 16 inches), SRP: P6,995.00

CHOCOLATE FANTASY. Bergliôt Chocolate Bag: 100% Lambskin with Leather lining (41cm x 31cm) (16 inches x 12 inches), SRP: P8,995.00

These bags are available at MYTH in Greenbelt 5. For inquiries, please send private message to (Noel Crisostomo) or (Amor Vincit Omnia) at Facebook.

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