Tuesday, August 23, 2011


In many ways, the classic men's bowtie is like the Cristina Aguilera of men’s accessories - it might idle itself for a while, but it’s always poised to reinvent itself and make a comeback that would stir everybody's fancy. With two of the utmost trends in menswear dominating the runways, the tailored look and the modern preppy, we see the bowtie’s vengeful return to almost every stylish men's shirt.

Well, the bowtie never really went away as a staple of black tie attire. Lately, it has transitioned from galas, quinceaneras, proms  and red carpet events into more practical looks that are sartorial, sometimes editorial or sophisticatedly debonair. It's a chic substitute to the more corporate necktie. Moreover, the diminutive bowtie spells return to Old School cool, and is also an elegant piece of neckwear.

But for EDMIR DEQUINA LAGUI (of Envoy Man), bowties can also be used as awesome party night-out statements. While doing the styling job for menswear designer Ulysses King for his Holiday 2011 Collection entitled Contempo 70's (which I already blogged about before), Edmir imagined a British dandy dressed up for a night in town in New York during the 70s, thus the collection called Club Bowtie was born.

Edmir's Club Bowties made use of Japanese cotton and Indian silk as the main canvasses, and incorporated small metal discs, pins and beads that were handsewn to give the bowties that glitzy party mood. He also used prints that were unobtrusive, but well-recognized like the playful yet classic paisley prints, pastel-colored solids and geometric lines- elevating a party night into a more high-society affair, but still friendly and quirky.

The bowties are priced at P399, P420 and P699, and are only available at Bobon, 4th Level, Markati Palazzo at The Podium. Most designs only have 1 or 2 pieces on display. Also check out envoybeverywhere@groups.facebook.com.

PAISLEY LOVE. Double-layered bowtie in black and coral Japanese cotton with mixed prints.
PURPLE REIGN. Purple Japanese cotton with disc applique.

LITTLE STAR. White Japanese cotton with stars and spheres pattern.

NECK DECK. Lavender and textured white Japanese cotton with geometric patterns.

SAFETY FIRST. Printed black Japanese cotton decorated with safety pins.

BERIBBONED. To order from Bobon, 4F Markati Palazzo, The Podium Mall +63 2 637 3321.

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